Well. it didn’t turn out the way we hoped.  But he didn’t get a mandate.  Far from it.  Democratic votes substantially outnumbered Republican ones for both Hillary and the Senate.  And Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire and Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada were elected to the Senate.  Let’s celebrate that!

We have emerged from the shock, determined to keep an eagle eye on what both President and Congress do in our three priority areas: the environment, women’s health, and voting rights.  Determined, too, to do all we can to prevent the harmful moves we fear are coming.

One of those moves, as many of our members have pointed out, is the privatization of Medicare, Medicaid and even Social Security.  That, of course, would lead us to take up the cudgels immediately.

We are enormously encouraged by the number of  emails we have received from you urging us to keep the network alert and advised.  Moreover, we have heard from more than one women’s group asking us to let them know what actions we take so they can join in.

Here’s our story. Grandmothers for a Brighter Future began as Grandmothers for Obama.  Launched in 2008, we soon grew to 13 groups in a handful of states. In 2012, we had writers in 25 states plus the District of Columbia. We focused on the Presidency, and some of us also worked on races in our states. Thus Virginia Grandmothers in 2013 helped sweep in the entire Democratic statewide slate. Massachusetts Grandmothers helped elect Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2012 and Senator Ed Markey in 2013. In 2014 we helped elect Senator Jeanne Shaheen in her race against former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. Because we are all volunteer and self-financed locally, we are not a PAC.

Our model was pioneered in 2008 and battle tested repeatedly.

  • We develop a timely message in the form of a postcard template which we send to Grandmothers’ group leaders and those working individually. (See sample cards on the next page.) We also provide a list of names and addresses of targeted older voters, mostly women, to whom to mail the cards.
  • Participating Grandmothers print the cards on canary yellow stock, add a short handwritten note, and stamp and mail them.

If you share our vision-and our age-please sign up. We welcome and need your thoughts. We are blessed to have such politically savvy women to work with, so we really mean it when we say we look forward to hearing from you.

Betsy Hatfield
Margot Lindsay

Alice Pierce